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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

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    Established in 2018 officially, Shenzhen Sparkover Technology Co., Ltd. is a user demand-oriented technological innovation-based company. The primary members of our team are all elites from the game industry, 4A advertisement companies, industrial design companies, electronic component companies and instrument and equipment companies of the world's 500 top, and our crossover-staff combination gives us a unique perspective to review this new e-cigarette industry. “Hannya”, the first product of our brand “Vapelustion”, has been the most popular throughout Asian markets as soon as it was launched. At present, we have launched the new disposable e-cigarette FOGCOP to market, a new generation of POD products are about to be published, please look forward to.



    MINI 80W

    In order to be lighter, we use the aluminum-alloy body on HANNNYA MINI. The oxidized black is very handy. Although MINI is smaller in size and has only one 18650 battery drive, profits from our adjustment for power conversion efficiency, MINI also has strong explosive power and amazing ignition speed. HANNNYA MINI has a minimum support of 1.0Ω heating wire and 510 stainless steel interface compatible with most atomizers of market. Whether you are a competitor or an amateur player, MINI will definitely give you a perfect experience.



    HANNNYA MOD 230W is driven by two 18650 batteries and supports the heating wire with the lowest resistance of 1.0Ω. The maximum explosive power is 230W. The 510 stainless steel interface is compatible with most atomizers. With zinc-alloy & sand-blasted machine, customized & big-match chip, it has amazing instantaneous ignition ability and explosive power. In the research and development of the mainboard, we have spent a long time adjusting the efficiency of power conversion, as



    Zinc-alloy fuselage with a private model is divided into three colors (red, white and black). Each product has three sets and total 6 pcs replacement of art panels. Based on the Japanese classic Genji, through sophisticated design, we designed Hannya in the form of closest way to original work, which is different from the general Japanese-style MOD products in market. Our research on Japanese culture is more profound. During the design period, we consulted a lot of design docume



    The concept of VAPELUSTION is "different from the public". We never compromise in appearance when making every product. From the beginning of industrial design, we considered the mental pursuit of users and never tolerate the problems that can be solved by opening moulds. FOGCOP is such a product. At the early design period, we drawed a clear distinction with gum and public moulds. FOGCOP currently has three colors: The white is peach oolong flavor, the red is wine grape flavor


    • 2018

      In the name of Vapelustion (namely “vape revolution”), the team consist of industry-crossover players, including Firekarl, a senior art director from the game industry and a brand planner; ΜENJOR, a creative director from a 4A advertisement company; Leon, an industrial designer and; JerryHuang, a supply chain manager from the electronic components industry. As e-cigarette players, we always keep our concept of beginning with passion, injecting with passion, to design and create excellent products.

    • 2018.7

      It is the time when "Hannya”, the first product of Vapelustion, was born. During an era where e-cigarette box is on an unpopular situation, the publishing of “Hannya” raises a commotion among the players. While old players picked their device as this trend, started to enjoy e-cigarette box again, those new players, who were still in hesitation finally made up their mind to have a “Hannya”. Likewise, “Hannya” has caused a significant influence in other countries besides China. Through “Hannya”, our first product, we move forward against the market trend, only because of our knowledge of beginning with passion, injecting with passion.

    • 2019

      For a long-term consideration, Vapelustion team established Sparkover Technology. As a new beginning, we will yet keep our concept and create more exciting products. Shake passion with passion, shake the market with passion.

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