WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Team Inroduction

  • Product Manager

    Yao Xiao, the product manager of Sparkover, has been in the game industry, the game and advertising art industry for 10 years. He has provided high-quality game art outsourcing services for Gameloft North America and UBISOFT North America. At the same time, he has also provided art outsourcing services for Starbucks, Master Kong, Gudu Mommy, Davidoff and Unilever by cross the border. With a rich product ideas and implementation concepts, Yao Xiao has laid a good appearance and practical foun

  • Sales Director

    Huang Heng, who has ten-year sales experience in the electronic industry,started his own business and founded Shen Zhen Shi ZHC Technology Co., Ltd.. He has rich experience and a good reputation in the industry, also established the fast-selling food brand HALFMANGO by cross border which quickly detonated in the domestic fruit industry. He loved muscle cars and heavy locomotives, of course, deeply loved the vape culture. we can often see him sitting in a large-displacement wild horse and playing vape and thinking.

  • General Manager

    Xue Tao, who has worked as the supply chain manager of leading domestic automotive electronics company for 8 years, has experience in industrial manufacturing and production and management of electronic products. Having ten-year entrepreneurial experience, he engaged in the operation and management of the General Agent of Instruments Company, who accumulated experience in B2B and B2C channels, and operated the South China market of Tektronix, Keysight, Fluke, Hioki and other brands.

  • Director of Advertising Creativity

    Menjor Hou,has worked in China's top 4A advertising company for a long time. He has provided long-time advertising creative work for Nestle, Haier Group, Shanghai World Expo, HIM Music and other brands. He has unique insights and ideas on product advertising creativity and fine arts. He is currently directing all visual work of early and late stages for Vapelustion Team, providing an international visual experience for Sparkover.



Established in 2018 officially, Shenzhen Sparkover Technology Co., Ltd. is a user demand-oriented technological innovation-based company. The primary members of our team are all elites from the game industry, 4A advertisement companies, industrial design companies, electronic component companies and instrument and equipment companies of the world's 500 top, and our crossover-staff combination gives us a unique perspective to review this new e-cigarette industry. “Hannya”, the first product of our brand “Vapelustion”, has been the most popular throughout Asian markets as soon as it was launched. At present, we have launched the new disposable e-cigarette FOGCOP to market, a new generation of POD products are about to be published, please look forward to.

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